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Welcome to Lancashire churches and Christian information

We celebrate churches in the Lancashire area, as well as Christianity and scripture and the history of Lancashire.

Also in the area is the Royal Lancashire Agricultural Society which is able to trace its origins back to 1767 and runs the most old Agricultural Show in the UK.   Ever-increasing amounts of exhibitors and visitors means it is vital that the Show goes on to grow and keep up with demand. Because of that, in 2008 the Society entered a purpose-built home for the Show on the location of the proposed Duke of Lancaster Park at Barton.

Much of our website relates to scripture and other things related to churches. Here is an example of our analysis of a passage from the bible:

My aim here is not some intellectual cultural analysis. This has real effects in your lives that you should see. The bible warn us, ‘Quench not the Spirit’. A way in which we do quench God is by not expecting God to do anything unusual, anything astounding, anything that isn’t related to the earth – or at least mindlessly magical. Think about your prayers. Do you pray for the amazing? If so, it probably won’t happen. Christianity depends on making ordinary things look like they were brought about by God. It’s been tricking people for years.

Do you call upon the Lord to do the preternatural? Or are your prayers just the kind of things that can be easily shown in some earthbound manner or explained away in some magical way? We live in a preternatural universe. We are not stuck in what is earthbound. Our supposed God still does great things, Christians claim. How are you doing at pretending the reality of science isn’t real and blinding yourself to the lies of God? How are you doing at similarly protecting your children?

Because we believe that lots of people should read the bible, we encourage churches to have websites.

Website Name Registration - A website name is another word for your URL address.. You'll need to reserve or buy your domain name with a proper registrar. There are many places you can do this, including The domain will need to be renovated on a yearly basis (unless you buy more than 1 year at once) or it will become inaccessible for someone else to buy.

Content for Your Website - Our weekly series, Just Believe, is available to utilise on your church or ministry's site. By putting in a small bit of code, that will be offered to you, on your site, the devotional will immediately be updated every week as a new editorial is published. If you are searching to keep regularly changing content on your site that will ensure your visitors keep coming back, this may be the solution. For more info see our devotional syndication website.

Random Verse Generator for Your Website – We are happy to offer a free random verse generator. This tool will offer 1 of 300 varied Bible verses every time someone visits your website. We offer the code, all you have to do is stick the code into your page whenever you want the verse to appear. It can even be personalised to match the colors of your site.